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We are

"AQ Law" law office - professional justice players with experience in local and international affairs, who put their talents together to provide legal support to individuals and businesses. Our music key is practicality, operational transparency, professionalism and dignified attitude towards our customers - we take every customer personally, each client deserves our full attention, and everyone deserves to be kept fully informed of every step in the course of things.

Our values

Employees - as soloists they expertly manage their instruments, but as orchestra members they integrate in the team in order to make a united composition.

Creativity - in our opinion in the 21st century there is no strict line between sectors anymore and therefore creativity is an excellent tool to use in any sector including the field of justice. We understand the legislation, and that is why we can safely improvise depending on the circumstances of the case.

Innovation - view from the side, top or bottom, a fresh and unusual view is what helps you to feel free and not in a box. We value our innovative thoughts and ideas - thus is the way things can change for better.

Client - our biggest value. We work in order to help you - without you we wouldn't even exist. We know that sometimes you trust us with the most important things, therefore we treat each case with the utmost care and use the professionalism, creativity and innovation for our music piece to sound excellent.